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What Our Program Participants Say

A Confidence Newly Gained...

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the multiple opportunities you gave me while I was not only. A part of the sweet addiction, but also as part of AH. You saw something in me that many choose to overlook and for that imagery grateful. I will carry much from my time there and all through life as I naviaged the unknown and smile with a confidence newly gained and know I can and will achieve many great things!”

- Stacey

Great Things for Women...

The Sweet Addiction is doing great things for women in the community! They help women who have been through extremely tough times get back on their feet and help build their confidence. I am so grateful for this organization!

- Amanda

I never dreamed what a huge impact this program would have on my life.

I was released from prison in January 2020 after 4 years of incarceration.

Not long after my release covid shut down my job and I was desperate for employment. As fate would have it I met Robin and began working for The Sweet Addiction and Selah 3. I was such a insecure, scared woman when I first met Robin, unsure of my place in society. Along with my self doubt and insecurity, Robin saw my potential. She challenged me, believed in me and beyond all else she loved me when I couldn’t love myself.
After some time, she helped me get a job at a production plant, now less than a year later I’ve been promoted twice and work with a whole building full of people that I consider family. Im respected and for the first time in probably my whole life I respect myself as well. I never dreamed what a huge impact this program would have on my life. I’ll forever be grateful for the love that was shown to me and the forever friendships I’ve made.

- Stacey