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About Us

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Who We are

We are a non-profit organization committed to ensuring that no woman survivor of incarceration, human trafficking or domestic violence is denied the opportunity for honest work. We provide job support services, training, mentorship, and life skill resources. Through our services and partnerships women find dignity and the ability to be self-reliant through gainful employment.

What We Do

The Sweet Addiction strives to make the community better by reducing recidivism and promoting giving back by the individuals with whom we work. This is accomplished through education, mentorship, and assistance with employment opportunities. Education is provided in the form of on the job training with our bakery and textile entity. These services are provided in partnership with local organizations, such as those dedicated to alleviating homelessness or sheltering domestic violence victims.

Who We Help

We help employ women who have barriers to employment. We believe in second chances and focusing on the individual in the present. Everyone has a story. Good people make poor choices or are the victims of others poor choices. Circumstances do not define the individual or determine their ability, character or place in society.

What is Our History?

When our founder first started her career in the staffing industry, it was a common occurrence to come across people who simply weren’t employable. The Sweet Addiction was birthed in early 2020 with the goal of training women in a culinary capacity. You can’t make cupcakes in a pandemic. Quickly pivoting we began making masks, bags for our homeless community and other textiles. Now that restrictions are lifting, we are back in the bakery business.

How We Help

Sweet Addiction trains and mentors. We also work with our clients to train how to give back through mentorship and community involvement. Training in life skills,  occupational skills, customer service skills, and personal skills are part of our programs. When our clients need someone to help them through tough times, we are here for them. The end goal of our system is to develop productive and positive members of the community. We are blessed to have
community partners who share our heart and mission.

2022 Non-Profit Mainstreet Award Winner


Our Goals

Creating Jobs

We work with local agencies to employ women survivors who have battled incarceration, human trafficking, and domestic violence who are otherwise considered "not employable" due to their background.

Baking Treats

Currently, we partner with chefs and bakers to teach our clients how to run a kitchen and how to complete a great product from beginning to end!

Making Products

We create masks, bags, and other products that bring opportunities and revenue to women working to change their lives.

Direct Donations

Angel Project

If you would like to contribute directly to the Sweet Addiction project or the Outdoor Angel project please do so here.