• The Boro Bake Off - The Walnut House - Save The Date: 13th April Thursday at 6 PM - Venue: 116 N Walnut ST, Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Opening Doors

The Sweet Addiction is a non-profit based out of Middle Tennessee dedicated to the employment of women survivors of human trafficking, addiction, domestic violence, and incarceration. We provide programs to enrich the lives and career coaching while providing participants meaningful work and a support network. We believe in second chances and redeeming those who have been labeled as “unemployable”.

Baked Goods, for a Good Cause
Cinnamon Rolls
Catering Service
Community Service

What Our Customers Say

Take a moment to read about the great experiences that we’ve created through this program.

Gourmet Reverie

“Hallelujah!   Best meal we have had in years!!!   What a blessing!   So much excitement in the banquet hall tonight!”

Sweet Triumph

The oatmeal raisin cookies were some of the best things I have ever eaten.  My staff loved them, even the ones who don’t like raisins!

Cookie Frenzy

My wife and daughter love the cookies. I took the rest back to my office and they were gone in 10 minutes!

Satisfying Success

They lunches were great, everyone enjoyed them and ate them all up!


The shrimp crostini is absolutely amazing. I could eat a whole platter with a glass of wine -just perfection!

Culinary Excellence

Our committee was blown away by the presentation and quality of the food for our event. They mentioned too, how nice everyone from the Sweet Addiction staff was when they interacted.  Thank you so much for the work and effort put into this event to help make it so successful!

Tasty Delights

I keep hearing compliments how delicious your food was and I enjoyed the Italian cream soda and strawberry shortcake with vanilla cream!! Thank you for making the trip out! You and your ladies are amazing!

Lovely Presentation

It was a lovely event! You guys did an amazing job with the presentation of all the food – not to mention how delicious it was!

Team Excellence

Kudos to your team, they did an awesome job!  My wife got to sample the sweet rolls and parfait – she gives y’all a thumbs up for both!

Delicious Cupcakes

The cupcakes were delicious! So soft and flavorful. They were all gone by the end of the event, our guests loved them!

The treats are fantastic!

‘The treats are fantastic! Everyone in the office is loving them and taking some home!’

Everyone LOVED the apple cinnamon rolls.

Everyone LOVED the apple cinnamon rolls. Both egg bites went over great. One person commented on the goat cheese was a nice flavor.

Everything looked very delicious and inviting. It was very tempting not to have everything offered.

“First the presentation was lovely. Everything looked very delicious and inviting. It was very tempting not to have everything offered.”

The three items I tried were delicious.

“Finally, the three items I tried were delicious. I had one of each of the mini quiches: they were fluffy, firm and flavorful. I also enjoy the cinnamon roll and was completely surprised by the apples in the center. The roll was moist (not dry at all) and the frosting was just a perfect amount of sweetness.”


Our Mission

Who We Are
We are a non-profit baked goods and catering company located in Murfreesboro, TN.  We work with local agencies to employ women survivors who have battled incarceration, human trafficking, and domestic violence who are otherwise considered “not employable” due to background.

Our Goals
The Sweet Addiction strives to make a difference in the community by reducing recidivism and promote giving back. Our goal is to educate, mentor, and assist individuals so they can become gainfully employed at a livable wage.  We partner with local organizations to support them in their work with homelessness, domestic violence, etc.

Our History
With a successful career in the staffing industry, we have encountered dozens of men and women who are not considered employable. With our beginning right before covid, our first products were masks and we have evolved our product line ever since. 

Our Baked Goods

* All items are made by people with barriers to employment.

* 95% of the proceeds from the purchase of baked goods go to our programs.


Rich and gooey, these homemade cupcakes taste like grandma’s pie in cupcake form. The best part? These treats are baked with love by survivors of domestic violence to show their resilience in the face of adversity.

$31.50 / dozen
Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Soft and sweet with the perfect amount of spice. Our cinnamon rolls are something to write home about. These gooey rolls are the perfect ingredient to your morning routine, and baked with love by our amazing amazing staff.

$49.95 / dozen

Order From Us, Help Our Community

Provide Employment

We work with local agencies to employ women survivors who have battled incarceration, human trafficking, and domestic violence.

Help the Homeless

We partner with local organizations to develop, make and distribute waterproof, garment bags for the homeless community and domestic shelters.

Mentor & Train

We teach our employees the skills of running a kitchen and mentoring others while creating a great product.

Working Hours

All Orders need to be placed 48 Hours in advance.






If you would like to contribute directly to The Sweet Addiction or The Outdoor Angel Project please do so here.