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Community Service

How we help

Provide Employment

We are committed to helping women who have survived incarceration, human trafficking, and domestic violence find gainful employment. Our programs provide comprehensive support, including culinary training, financial education, and placement assistance. We work closely with local agencies that share our goal of empowering women to build better futures for themselves and their families. Our participants come from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common: a determination to succeed. With our help, they are able to overcome their past challenges and secure good-paying jobs with benefits. We are proud to play a role in helping these courageous women build brighter futures.

Help the Homeless

We are committed to helping those in need. That’s why we partner with local organizations to develop, make and distribute waterproof garment bags for the homeless community and domestic shelters. The bags are made from durable, waterproof material that can withstand the elements and keep belongings dry. They are also light enough to be easily carried, yet large enough to hold everything a person needs. We distribute the bags through local organizations that work with the homeless community and domestic shelters. This allows us to reach as many people in need as possible. Our goal is to help make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Mentor and Train

We’re a unique organization in that we work with local agencies to employ women survivors who have battled incarceration, human trafficking, and domestic violence. We believe that these women are some of the most resilient and resourceful people in our community, and we are committed to helping them rebuild their lives. Our organization provides much-needed support and opportunities for these women, and we are proud to be able to offer them a second chance. While it takes more than a job to turn a life around, securing gainful employment is a vital first step.

2022 Non-Profit Mainstreet Award Winner